YZ450F Street Conversion

Here are some pictures of what I did to legalize my yz fofiddy while still keeping it as dirt worthy as possible.

 bike 001.jpg I'll start with the basics first, my homemade mirror, cost me two bucks for the convex stick-on at o'reillys and $0.00 for some scrap metal layin' around the garage.
 bike 002.jpg
And the control switch. Very unintrusive, as minimal as it gets.
 bike 003.jpg
One of the two banjo bolt brake switches.
 bike 004.jpg
Under fender shot, minimal amount of wire exposed to tire-flung-crud.
 bike 005.jpg
Wired close to the right of sub frame, but far left engough so that when I stick my fingers into the handle to pick up the bike, they don't touch or pull the wires.
 bike 007.jpg
Radioshack harness, for the quick swapout of fenders for some good ole dirt.
 bike 009.jpg
Here's where all the taillight wiring is tucked away. I ran the rear brake switch wires up the frame, but behind my frame guards, pretty slick, eh?
 bike 010.jpg
LED taillight.
 bike 012.jpg
Running light.
 bike 013.jpg
Brake light.
 bike 014.jpg
Pretty clean wiring, I might say.
 bike 015.jpg
Another shot of what I consider to be clean wiring.
 bike 016.jpg
Another wiring harness from good ole Radio shack, cost me a buck somethin', certainly makes swapping plastic easy. This I would consider NOT-so-clean wiring.
 bike 018.jpg
Here's a head shot.
 bike 019.jpg
Low beam.
 bike 022.jpg
High beam.
 bike 023.jpg
And there are the only two leads left to be hooked up, my coil has been on order for two weeks now, geeze, Eline is SLOW, can't wait for their product though.
 bike 024.jpg
Anybody need a steering damper?? This is the one and only conflict I had with the whole installation.
 bike 025.jpg
Here's a blurry shot of the whole thing.
 bike 026.jpg
Oooo, billet aluminum, very trick.
 more bike 001.jpg
I tried to run everything together. Puke tubes, ignition wires, and coil wires.
 more bike 002.jpg
Brown and yellow, the only things sticking out, I tucked the voltage regulator in front of the CDI box in the frame.
 more bike 003.jpg
All out dual sport. Got my compy and my GPS.
 more bike 004.jpg
Ooo, new rubber...
 more bike 005.jpg
I fixed the problem of the wires sticking out from behind the light.
 more bike 006.jpg
Okay, here is the final set of my 450 before I sold it for a real street bike. I really got tired of getting pulled over by cops. Never got a ticket though, pretty amazing, eh? It would have even been amazing if I rode normally and didn't get any tickets, but alas, that bike was TOO MUCH FUN, and seriously, that's why I had to sell it. My rides consisted of about 4 stoppies and 7 wheelies every 2 miles or so. I cannot believe I never got caught, had a few close calls though
Man, I remember this one time, I was merging on to 199 north from 380 west just outside of Jacksboro, and I had just came around the curve, doing about 65, and I stood up about to twist the ole' grip and I saw out of the corner of my eye a cop coming flying up out of no where and pulled me over. There was a dirtbike race in Jacksboro that weekend, so he thought I was some redneck riding my dirt bike on the road... well, I was, but he couldn't do shit about it. HA! He even checked my VIN and ran it against the license plate :) Nothing he could do though, well, almost, good thing I didn't stand it up and give him a quick little 30 second show. Well, here she is, notice my homemade kickstand and passenger/wheelie pegs. I almost bought a pair of 17" wheels for it, but I'm glad I didn't... lost my arse on it enough as it was with all the accessories I left on it. Sure wish I had parted it out, but hindsight is 20/20.  yz450f 001.jpg  yz450f 002.jpg
 yz450f 003.jpg  yz450f 004.jpg  yz450f 005.jpg
 yz450f 006.jpg  yz450f 007.jpg  yz450f 008.jpg